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TikTok video inspires NKY teenager to start her own business

HEBRON, Ky. (WXIX) – A Hebron teenager is using TikTok to help her business.

Aubrie Sink was scrolling through TikTok one day when she saw someone making freeze-dried candy.

She saw how much they were paying and that’s when she got the idea to do it herself.

“A lot of kids my age like candy,” Aubrie says, “they just wouldn’t think to make it.”

Aubrie looks a lot like kids her age.

She is a cheerleader and enjoys painting and spending time with her friends. She also likes TikTok.

Unlike some 14-year-olds, she uses TikTok to promote her business Freezin with Aubrie. She freeze-dried popular candies and sold the bags for a profit.

“I found it from TikTok,” explains Aubrie, “So I watched a bunch of videos on TikTok and thought it was really cool. I ordered a bag on Amazon. “I really liked it and my mom was like ‘I don’t know about that’.”

Cristina Sink, Aubrie’s mother, says it took some convincing to allow her daughter to buy the expensive equipment needed to make the candy.

Aubrie used her money from selling butter and applesauce [Jammin’ with Aubrie] to buy the refrigerator.

Cristina says she’s glad her daughter didn’t give up.

“It’s honestly surreal,” Cristina said. “She started this two years ago and to see her vision come to life, I mean she begged me for six months to get this freeze dryer and I said, ‘no, no, no.’

Aubrie sells her cakes at craft shows, festivals and online. Both in-person and online sales are beneficial financially and in teaching Aubrie how to run a business.

“Doing festivals, carnivals and craft shows just gives her more life where she can be in front of her customers,” Cristina adds, “[She can] interact with them and learn more of those social skills and be able to do money management and be able to sell more and be able to be in front of her product and talk about her product with customers her.”

“What I’ve learned the most is probably how to invest my money,” says Aubrie, “and how much to give to myself or how much to put back into the business.”

Cristina says she lets Aubrie make all the business decisions.

She takes him where he needs to go, but otherwise lets Aubrie do everything else.

If the success of the business continues, Cristina may not have to move Aubrie much in a few years.

“I really want to save up a bunch of money so I can buy my own car when I’m 16,” Aubrie says. “This would really help my mom out of paying for anything.”

So, the next time your child moves to TikTok, they may find a new career on the popular app.

“Trust your children,” says Cristina. “If they have a vision, if they’re going to stick to it and pray, look and do some research. It could be legal and in her case it was. I’m really proud of him.”

Aubrie will be selling her cakes at several upcoming festivals.

She will be at the St Cecilia Festival September 3-5, Benton Farms September 17-18 and Music and Merchants in Ft. Thomas September 23-24. Her website is here.

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