Monday, December 5, 2022

Peoria business transforms monsoon-damaged trees into high-end furniture

PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — It’s been a wild summer, with high winds and rain that have brought down many trees throughout the Valley. Most of the trees have been chopped up and turned into mulch. Phillip Glassmeyer, with Apple Blossom Woodworks, would rather use the trees for something else.

After a storm, Glassmeyer and his crew will track the damage, taking what Mother Nature leaves behind. He’ll bring the wood to his millhouse in Peoria, where he transforms the scrap into high-end furniture.

“Everybody wins in what we do because we do it,” Glassmeyer said. “We save tree service labor time, risk of injury carrying heavy trees because we can get this lumber from them. We use it a lot, make beautiful furniture and parts of it that you can’t find in any store.”

Glassmeyer has been creating these unique pieces of furniture for years, but only recently has his talent for transforming monsoon-damaged trees started to gain more attention. The talented woodworker said the best part of what he does is telling customers they can keep the 30-year-old tree that just fell in their yard.

“We get a real kick out of the homeowner saying ‘I want to keep this tree in the family,'” Glassmeyer said. “We build a special piece for them, a dining table, lounge chairs, mirror shelf, whatever; we love it.”

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