Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Pavilion dedicated to the honor of local business in the park of Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN, New York (WWNY) – If you’ve driven through Copenhagen lately, you may have noticed a new pavilion by the bridge.

It is part of the Ted Simmons River Memorial Park, memorialized in memory of a well-known local businessman Ted Simmons.

On Sunday, the Simmons family, in partnership with the Copenhagen CARES Collaborative, held a dedication for him. Dozens came to celebrate Simmons’ life and gathered in the central part of the park.

The pavilion was designed and built by his family, supported by what they call “a tree of life”.

Ted Simmons’ son, Scott, says the pavilion is not meant to honor just their father, but all of Copenhagen.

“It’s a memorial tree that we have to commemorate anyone in the city, here, anyone in the surrounding area who wants to have something dedicated to them, so it’s our tree of life. This main structure of the tree holds up the whole building everything that is here, our memories, our dreams, that you want to put in the tree is here. This tree is for the community,” said Scott Simmons.

Simmons says he hopes the pavilion will become a place for people to gather. Anyone wanting a commemorative tree carving can contact Copenhagen CARES Collaborative directly.

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