Mesa Business Walks Away From Storm Damage Building For Second Year

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — The owners of Soul Center in Mesa are dealing with water inside their store for the second year in a row. They had rainwater leaking from the ceiling during Monsoon in 2021. The owners fixed the ceiling and thought the problems would be over.

Recent storms in the Valley have brought water back into their Main Street store. The floorboards have water marks, some of the floors have buckled and pools of water have flooded various parts of the building.

Owner Kari Wagner says the building is 110 years old. She didn’t expect the rain to be a problem inside the store almost every time it rained. “We are tired and we are not sure if this will continue to happen. It can get worse every rainstorm and it’s really frustrating and sad,” she said.

Wagner sells all kinds of items made by local artists. She is urging vendors to retrieve their items so they don’t get damaged by the water. Wagner hopes to move or sell everything inside before the weekend starts. “We thought the problem was solved and it never was so the water came back in time to make a difficult decision. I would love to reopen Soul Center, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be here because of what’s going on right now,” she said.

Wagner has been lucky since they opened the location in February 2020. Unfortunately, they had to close months later due to the pandemic. This was followed by two consecutive years of flooding inside their store.

She is working to get the owner to help them fix the problem in the meantime. Wagner says they are going away and she is not sure where they will reopen.

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