Monday, December 5, 2022

Business owner excited to see change in Saturday parking enforcement

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Some parking changes are coming to several streets in Richmond later this month, and some business owners say it’s news they’ve been waiting years to hear.

The City of Richmond will begin enforcing time-limited parking regulations on Saturdays beginning October 15th.

It’s no secret that finding parking near Scott’s Addition can be difficult when you’re trying to enjoy a night on the town.

“Oh, I’ve completely given up trying to find parking here,” said Matt Danisewicz, who lives near Blvd. Arthur Ashe. “I’d honestly rather just scooter and save the time.”

Business owners can lose a customer if they don’t try to go above and beyond for a regular pick-up order.

“If they can park out front, it makes it a lot easier,” said Janet Brown, with Janet Brown Interiors. “If they can’t, we might have to hold it two blocks and across the street.”

Brown has been running her business between Moore St. for four years. and Broad St.

That’s where part of the new enforcement will take place, and she said during the week that parking is a little less of an issue.

“Not more than anywhere else in the city, but there are city officers that come around like down at VCU, or in the Fan, or wherever, and they mark the tires,” Brown said.

At the weekend, she said it’s a different story and she can’t count on her hands the number of times she’s seen a car parked in front of her shop for days.

“You can park very easily and go have fun for the weekend and leave your vehicle here until Monday,” Brown said.

Brown said she knows of many businesses that have gone out of their way to open a few extra spaces.

“They say they bought a lot so their employees can all park there so none of their parking is taken by employees,” Brown said. “But people are parking in their own space. They’ve pulled over their parking lot for the Vogue sign twice and dumped it in the bush and left their vehicles there for days.”

There’s no denying Richmond is on the rise, but Brown asks when it comes to Saturday to read the signs and be polite.

“Richmond’s a great place to live, I mean, people are coming in, but they’re coming in cars,” Brown said.

The change will also occur on roads such as Belvidere at I-95 and Leigh at Franklin St.

The city said there will be a two-week grace period where warnings will be issued instead of tickets.

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