A Trussville sculpture business sees a boost in sales after a celebrity appeal

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) – Cahaba Cuts is a local business and passion project for Nick Garrett. Over the years he has created artwork for professional baseball players as well as Tennessee Titan and Tide legend Derrick Henry.

However, it is one of his latest creations that has turned heads across the country.

It was a moment years in the making. Garrett’s grandfather helped fuel his passion for woodworking since he was a young man, but just last week thousands more recognized Garrett’s talent.

“Last week I came home for lunch one day and then all of a sudden, I got notifications that a dozen different people were visiting my site at once from all over the country,” Garrett said.

That’s because Garrett sent Nickmercs, one of the most popular video game streamers on the planet, a free sculpt. Mercs has millions of followers on Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok, and he actually displayed and completed the sculpture while streaming online.

“I’m down there because Nick has such a huge following and there are tens of thousands of people who watch him live every day,” Garrett said.

Since then, Cahaba Cuts has been inundated with attention and Garrett’s custom order slots have all been filled.

“I posted a TikTok of his video showing how I made this piece and it just took off. I mean, over 400,000 people have seen it now I think. I had 4,000 people following me through the night, which was just incredible.”

Each sculpture takes a lot of time, some more than a dozen hours. It’s easy to see why when you listen to the process.

“I’ll create a design template on my iPad where I just turn the photo into a bunch of black and white lines that I can trace with my saw. Then I will cut it on the saw. Then after that point I just stain each individual piece and glue it all together. Then figuring out how I want to position it and lay it out in the actual frame itself.”

As interest grows, Garrett plans to expand the passion project and acquire materials to make more projects.


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